Created by renowned plant-based ultra-distance athlete and high-profile wellness advocate Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt, The Plantpower Way shares the joy and vibrant health they and their whole family have experienced living a plant-based lifestyle. Bursting with inspiration, practical guidance, and beautiful four-color photography, this book includes recipes for hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus healthful and delicious smoothies and juices, and decadent desserts. The Plantpower Way is better than a diet: It's a celebration of a delicious, simple, and sustainable lifestyle that will give families across the country a new perspective and path to living their best life. Click the cover to view the official book trailer.

New Releases

The Shepherd's Life
by James Rebanks

Spurious Correlations
by Tyler Vigen

The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly
by Matt McCarthy

Betting the Farm on a Drought
by Seamus McGraw

The Jungle Temple Oracle
by Mark Cheverton

Miss Mayhem
by Rachel Hawkins

Billy Martin: Baseball's Flawed Genius
by Bill Pennington

Where Sea Meets Sky
by Karina Halle

Speed Dreaming
by Nicole Haroutunian

One More Step
by Bonner Paddock with Neal Bascomb

PITCH PERFECT: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory

The book that inspired the hit films will strike a chord with anyone who loves the twists and turns of a cappella.

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Hippocratic Oaf: My First Day as a Doctor


Read an excerpt from Matt McCarthy's funny, candid memoir of his intern year at a New York hospital. It's a scorchingly frank look at how doctors are made, taking readers into patients’ rooms and doctors’ conferences to witness a physician's journey from ineptitude to competence.

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In Depth Look at the Ever-colorful Billy the Id

The Wall Street Journal Raves About BILLY MARTIN.

Bill Pennington explores "whether a baseball lifer can actually be a tragic figure in the classic sense—a man destroyed by the very qualities than made him great."

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