Authors Mark Fainaru-Wada & Steve Fainaru lauded for shredding the football myth.
League of Denial is such a compelling and important book—one the National Football League fervently hopes you never read—because it so meticulously and convincingly connects serious brain injuries to the game of football. Click the title to read more praise from the judges and the other runner-ups.

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Chasers of the Light
by Tyler Knott Gregson

by C.J. Redwine

The Storm and The Tide
by Lars Anderson

The Newborn Sleep Book
by Lewis Jassey & Dr. Jonathan Jassey

Always, Abigail
by Nancy Cavanaugh

Why Lords Lose Their Hearts
by Manda Collins

Bouts of Mania
by Richard Hoffer

The Virgin's Guide to Misbehaving
by Jessica Clare

Sweet Filthy Boy
by Christina Lauren

Poking A Dead Frog
by Mike Sacks
Poking A Dead Frog by NYT Bestselling Author Mike Sacks

Exclusive Excerpt from the Summer's Hottest Comedy Book

A look at Paul Feig's chapter on writing the comedy cult classic, Freaks and Geeks.

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The 1st of Mary Kennedy's Dream Club Mysteries Series

Sneak Peak of Nightmares Can Be Murder

When a local dance instructor is found dead in his studio and the murder scene has an eerie resemblance to one of the dreams shared at their meeting, Taylor searches for a solution to this real-life nightmare.

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NYT Bestseller Spotlight

Check out the WSJ's Review of ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY

"A.J. Baime has given us a memorable portrait not just of an industry going to war but of a remarkable figure who helped to make victory possible."

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